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01/03/00 Six percent of Australian High School Students Attracted to Same Sex
01/07/00 Lithuanian Penal Code Draft Includes Sexual Orientation
01/14/00 Ottawa City-Wide Campus Pride Week Opens
01/17/00 Scottish Government's Plan to Repeal Anti-Gay Law Explodes into Controversy, Stakeholder Media Stances
01/26/00 Alberta Teen Threatens to Copy Columbine Killings
01/29/00 Boston Teen Taken as Gay for Holding Hands, Assaulted
02/06/00 Orange Curtain Rises for Teens (A little.)
02/07/00 Canadian Medical Schools Told to Stop Homophobia
02/08/00 UK House of Lords Votes to Keep Anti-Gay Law
02/10/00 Hate Violence Continues
02/12/00 US Business Students Wined & Dined by Wall Street
02/28/00 Ottawa Youth to Set Content for Awareness Video
03/01/00 Young California Mormon Commits Suicide in Midst of Church Hate
03/15/00 EGALE Prepares for Possible Age of Consent Change
03/20/00 BC Teen Suicide Aftermath:  Conflict Ensues Over Prevention
03/21/00 Day of Silence Project Organized for Youth
03/22/00 US Supreme Court Upholds Funding for Student Groups
03/23/00 Gay-straight clubs to be created in BC schools
03/24/00 Gruesome NYC Murder Underscores Youth Vulnerability
03/28/00 NY March and Vigil Set for Anti-Gay Murder Victim
04/03/00 Fellowships at the NGLTF Policy Institute
04/05/00 Network of Students & Grads of Religious Right Schools Launched
04/05/00 Australian Rural Youth Target Harassment in Schools
04/07/00 Australian School Anti-Bias Kit a First
04/10/00 BC Principal Moves to Stop School Club Formation
04/11/00 Salt Lake School Ban of Gay-Straight Alliance Going to Court
04/14/00 Making Colleges and Universities Safe for Gay and Lesbian Students
04/17/00 Nepali Youth Imprisoned for Being Lesbian
04/19/00 Students Ask Judge to Open School Doors to Club with Gay Perspective
04/19/00 National Youth Rally Announces Website Partnership
04/25/00 UK Teachers Criticize Schools, Parents for Homophobic Bullying
04/27/00 Salt Lake Judge Says Student Gay Club Can Meet
05/10/00 Australian Anti-Bias School Kit Released
05/11/00 Huge Gay Scholarships Set Up in Colorado
05/16/00 High School Students Unite
05/16/00 University Housing Discrimination Case to Go to NY's Highest Court
05/19/00 BC Teacher Suspended for Alleged Comments on Earlier Suicide
05/23/00 GLBT Studies Program Proposed at U of Maryland
05/23/00 Sex Education Workers Lose Jobs over Workshop Controversy
05/23/00 Student Brother of Gay Man to Sue School for Harassment
05/23/00 Massachusetts School Board Changes Rules for Discrimination
05/24/00 New England States Move to Protect G & L Students
05/24/00 First Matthew Shepard Scholarships Awarded
05/25/00 Mass. G & L Programs Won't be Cut
06/08/00 Aussie Health Researchers Call for Gay Sex Ed
06/21/00 World's First Official Gay Scout Troop in Toronto
06/29/00 US Scouts Can Boot Gay Leaders