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01/03/00 Six percent of Australian High School Students Attracted to Same Sex
01/03/00 London Gays Protest Christianity Celebration at St. Paul's Cathedral
01/03/00 UK Gay Couple's Twin Babies Refused Entry Upon Return from US
01/07/00 Lithuanian Penal Code Draft Includes Sexual Orientation
01/08/00 President of Yugoslav Gay & Lesbian Rights Association Found Strangled
01/12/00 UK Lifts Ban on Gays in the Military
01/17/00 Scottish Government's Plan to Repeal Anti-Gay Law Explodes into Controversy, Stakeholder Media Stances
01/18/00 Gay-Friendly Airline Set to Take Off
01/18/00 Rome Activists Honour Memory of Man Who Committed Suicide Due to Church Rejection
01/24/00 The Law Laughs:  Salvadorean Police Refuse to Protect Threatened Activists
01/25/00 UK Couple's Babies to Stay
01/26/00 London's Millennium Dome Welcomes Gay Day
01/26/00 Malaysian Sodomy Trial Called Corruption Cover-Up
01/28/00 A Tale of Two Soldiers:  One Out, and One ... Out!
01/31/00 Council of Europe Proposes Historic Anti-Homophobia Measure
02/02/00 JP Morgan Sponsors Dinner of UK Rights Group
02/03/00 Dismissed UK Service Member Receives Compensation
02/06/00 Finland Elects Pro-Gay Woman President
02/06/00 Sydney Games Signs Largest Sponsor, Expects More Athletes than Olympics
02/08/00 UK House of Lords Votes to Keep Anti-Gay Law
02/08/00 Germany Introduces Equal Tax Benefits
02/10/00 Hate Violence Continues
02/14/00 London Dome Gay Day 'Tickled Pink' with Success
02/14/00 Gay Men Have Double the Incidence of Eating Disorders
02/14/00 Nazi Gay Persecution Film Well-Received
02/14/00 Israel Grants Residency to Bi-National Partners
02/15/00 Australian Activist Talks GLBT Poverty to G&L Business Group
02/18/00 Fiji Constitutional Protection Under Threat
02/21/00 Trees Act Against AIDS, OIs
02/24/00 London Man Admits Guilt in Pub Bombing, Killing of Three
02/24/00 'Their Pink Pounds Have Already Been Spent'
02/28/00 Austria's Community Joins 1/4 Million Strong Demonstration
02/28/00 Latvia:  Homophobia Rises in Alleged Government Paedophile Scandal
03/01/00 El Salvador Ordered to Supply Medications
03/06/00 Sydney Mardi Gras Parade Attracts 700,000
03/06/00 Woman Transsexual's Body Found on UK Beach
03/10/00 Peacekeepers Spreading AIDS
03/13/00 Pope Begs Forgiveness, But Not Ours
03/15/00 Anti Gay Activist Leaves Australia For Oregon
03/27/00 Tasmanian Travel Guide Released
03/30/00 British Scientists Say It's All In The Fingers
04/05/00 Australian Rural Youth Target Harassment in Schools
04/05/00 Australian Activist Tells Suicide Conference To Expand View
04/07/00 Australian School Anti-Bias Kit a First
04/07/00 Australian Government Urged to Act on Senate Gay Super Report
04/07/00 Swedish Advertising Campaign for Gay Men Wins Gold
04/07/00 New Gay Art Webring Launched
04/07/00 Who Offers Excursion Rates to Turkey?
04/10/00 German Soldier Reinstated
04/10/00 Rio de Janeiro Imposes Penalties for Discrimination
04/12/00 UK Mag Editor to Challenge 'Net Libel' Law
04/12/00 UK's Peter Tatchell Interviewed by David Frost
04/17/00 Malaysia Arrests Anwar Supporters
04/17/00 Nepali Youth Imprisoned for Being Lesbian
04/24/00 International LGBT Parenting Report Released
04/24/00 Book Release:  Different Rainbows:  Same-Sex Sexualities and Popular Movements in the Third World
04/25/00 UK Teachers Criticize Schools, Parents for Homophobic Bullying
04/25/00 Blair Says 'Gay OK' for Adoption
04/25/00 UK Labour:  Public Supports Non-Discrimination
04/27/00 Diaries of Beatles' First Manager Up for Auction
04/27/00 Lebanese Police Threaten to Close Internet Service Provider
04/28/00 Saudi Arabia Sentences Transvestites to Brutal Flogging
05/01/00 European Gays Address Convention on Fundamental Rights
05/01/00 Exiled Lesbian and Gay Tasmanians Begin to Return
05/01/00 Austria's Haider Formally Steps Down
05/04/00 French Army Says 'Rambos No,' 'Gays Yes'
05/10/00 Belgium Same Sex Couples Law:  A status nobody wants.
05/10/00 Egyptian Men Charged for Drafting Gay 'Marriage Contract'
05/10/00 Australian Anti-Bias School Kit Released
05/12/00 Taz Gay Assault TV Ad Goes to Air
05/12/00 Taz Health Department Committee to Tackle LGBT Well-Being Issues
05/12/00 Ukrainian G & L Organization Sues State for Denial of Non-Profit Status
05/12/00 UK Repeal of Section 28 Not Looking Good
05/15/00 UK's Outcast Finally Publishes
05/15/00 Glasgow Gay Groups' City Funding Frozen by Section 28 Court Action
05/15/00 Twins of UK Couple Baptized in Historic Ceremony
05/16/00 Last Out, First Back
05/23/00 They're Back! - London Gay Men's Chorus hit the stage as West End Boys
05/24/00 Singapore Forum Outlawed
05/25/00 London Nail Bomber Goes to Trial June 5
05/25/00 World Pride 2000 Shakes Italy
05/30/00 Former Zimbabwe President Jailed for Sodomy
05/30/00 Israel Says Lesbian Partner Can be Parent
05/30/00 Results of Scottish Business Tycoon Poll on Section 28 Come In
05/30/00 Rome Pulls Support for World Pride
05/31/00 Protests at Italian Embassies Worldwide Called for Thursday
05/31/00 Sister on the Way for Twins of UK Couple
06/02/00 Multi-City Protests Staged Against Italian Government
06/05/00 Early HIV Test Approved in France
06/06/00 Lithuanian Group Threatened
06/07/00 London Nail Bomber Ordered Drink Before Blowing Up Bar
06/08/00 Aussie Health Researchers Call for Gay Sex Ed
06/12/00 Mandela to Speak at AIDS2000 Closing
06/12/00 Lesbian Caucus Addresses Open Letter to the UN Beijing +5 Special Session
06/13/00 Three Domestic Partnership Bills Before Spanish Parliament
06/13/00 Adoption of Stepchildren in Gay and Lesbian Families in Iceland
06/13/00 Europe Lobbies Parliamentary Assembly on Lesbian and Gay Issues
06/21/00 Death Threats in Brazil
06/21/00 German Registered Partnership Bill Makes Progress
06/21/00 Belgium to Open Up Marriage
06/21/00 Tasmania Told 120 Laws Discriminatory
06/21/00 Australian Health Planning Includes Gay Issues
06/21/00 Australian Psychologists Reject Conversion 'Therapies'
07/11/00 AIDS2000:  Day One Explodes with Controversy and Activism
07/11/00 A Continent Dying, a World Threatened
07/11/00 New Drugs, New Hopes
07/12/00 Trials of Structured Treatment Interruption Promising
07/13/00 Condom Use Rises as Bar Patrons Rally Lookers
07/13/00 New Drug Preps for Final Stage Testing
07/13/00 Hey!  Pets are OK.
07/15/00 Durban Observations
07/15/00 Durban Session Reports
07/15/00 Don't Throw Out Those Old Drugs!
07/15/00 Mandela Moves Crowd to Tears, Standing Ovation
08/01/00 Racquetball 2006!