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12/03/99Munter to Lose GovernancePower in Proposed Transition to MegaCity
12/18/99Federal HomelessnessInitiative: GLBT Partnering and Priority Ranking Necessary
12/21/99In Dramatic First, VermontCourt Orders State to Treat Gay and Non-Gay Couples Equally
01/03/00El Salvador Man inCanada Gets Deportation Order Suspended
01/03/00UK Gay Couple'sTwin Babies Refused Entry Upon Return from US
01/05/00CanadianNational Newspaper Slams Federal Lesbian Program Funding
01/07/00'Downtown 'Defender' to Retire
01/07/00Lithuanian Penal Code DraftIncludes Sexual Orientation
01/09/00US Supreme Court Declinesto Hear Case of HIV Disability Insurance Cap
01/12/00UK Lifts Ban on Gays in theMilitary
01/17/00Scottish Government's Plan to Repeal Anti-Gay Law Explodes into Controversy, Stakeholder Media Stances
01/24/00US Presidential Hopeful Visits Gay Bar in Iowa
01/25/00UK Couple's Babies to Stay
02/26/00Russian Refugee Lands on Canadian Soil
01/26/00Malaysian Sodomy Trial Called Corruption Cover-Up
01/27/00Toronto Police Chief Designate Disappoints at Community Meeting
01/28/00A Tale of Two Soldiers:  One Out, and One ... Out!
01/29/00Miami Area Equality Ordinance Under Threat
01/31/00Council of Europe Proposes Historic Anti-Homophobia Measure
02/01/00'Don't Ask. Don't Tell.' Now, 'Don't Talk, Don't Look.'
02/03/00San Francisco Plans to Cease Helping Deport Illegal Gay Partners
02/03/00Sexual Orientation Not Cause for Jury Dismissal, California Says
02/03/00Dismissed UK Service Member Receives Compensation
02/06/00Finland Elects Pro-Gay Woman President
02/06/00Orange Curtain Rises for Teens (A little.)
02/07/00US Presidential Candidate Meets with Rights Group
02/08/00UK House of Lords Votes to Keep Anti-Gay Law
02/08/00Germany Introduces Equal Tax Benefits
02/08/00Canadian Omnibus Equality Bill Expected
02/10/00'An Historic Day for Equality Rights in Canada'
02/10/00Vermont House Committee Chooses Domestic Partnership
02/12/00The New Canadian Equality:  A First Look
02/14/00Israel Grants Residency to Bi-National Partners
02/15/00US Same Sex Immigration Bill Introduced
02/15/00Gore Sets Date to Appear at Gay.com
02/16/00Corrections Canada Policy Reversed for Trans Inmates
02/17/00Partner of 28-Years Disinherited
02/18/00Fiji Constitutional Protection Under Threat
02/19/00The New Canadian Equality:  What It Means, Exactly
02/21/00LDS Church Pro- Prop 22 Signs Used for Bonfire
02/24/00Alberta Bill to Ban Marriage Passes Second Reading
02/24/00Canada's Equality Bill Passes Second Reading
02/26/00Ontario Expands Protection to Include Jeers, Jokes
02/28/00Austria's Community Joins 1/4 Million Strong Demonstration
02/28/00Latvia:  Homophobia Rises in Alleged Government Paedophile Scandal
03/01/00Vermont Crafts 'Separate but Equal' Civil Union Bill
03/01/00Bradley to Appear at gay.com
03/01/00Canada's Justice Minister Defends Not Legislating Marriage Definition
03/01/00US House Resolution Set to Condemn Human Rights Violations Based on Sexual Orientation
03/03/00Canada's Lobby Groups Testify on Equality Bill
03/11/00Canadian Benefits Bill In Trouble
03/14/00Family Advocates Protest Equality Bill on Parliament H
03/15/00EGALE Prepares for Possible Age of Consent Change
03/16/00Supreme Court of Canada Told Porn Part of Gay Identity
03/17/00Vermont Civil Union Bill Passes
03/20/00Alberta 'Notwithstands' Marriage
03/21/00Toronto Drag Queen Runs For Mayor
03/22/00Canadian Government Loses Courage
03/22/00Equality Bill Anti-Marriage Amendment Proposed
03/22/00US Supreme Court Upholds Funding for Student Groups
03/23/00Canada's Equality Bill Falls Victim to Liberal Caucus Leadership Row
03/24/00BC Group Wins Against Mayor for Proclaiming Pride Day with No 'Pride'
03/27/00Vermont Couples' Rights Process Mirroring Canada's
03/29/00Toy Company Wants To Ban Gay And Lesbian Sites
04/03/00Fellowships at the NGLTF Policy Institute
04/04/00Equality Bill Slices and Dices
04/04/00Natives Oppose Equality Bill
04/07/00Canada Introduces New Immigration Act
04/07/00Newspaper Ad Attacking Gays OK
04/07/00Australian Government Urged to Act on Senate Gay Super Report
04/10/00Miami's Non-Discrimination Ordinance Safe - Insufficient Signatures Gathered
04/10/00German Soldier Reinstated
04/10/00Rio de Janeiro Imposes Penalties for Discrimination
04/11/00Canadian House of Commons Overwhelmingly Passes Equality Bill
04/11/00Salt Lake School Ban of Gay-Straight Alliance Going to Court
04/12/00California Assembly Committee Approves Domestic Partnership Bill
04/12/00US Insurer to Lift Discriminatory Caps on AIDS Coverage
04/12/00UK Mag Editor to Challenge 'Net Libel' Law
04/17/00Malaysia Arrests Anwar Supporters
04/17/00Nepali Youth Imprisoned for Being Lesbian
04/19/00Students Ask Judge to Open School Doors to Club with Gay Perspective
04/20/00Vermont Couples One Step Away From Legal Recognition
04/25/00Vermont Civil Union Bill Passed for 'Humanity, Dignity, Freedom and Independence'
04/25/00NY Non-Discrimination Bill Moves Through Senate
04/26/00'US Boy Scouts Gay Ban Hits Supreme Court
04/27/00Salt Lake Judge Says Student Gay Club Can Meet
04/28/00Saudi Arabia Sentences Transvestites to Brutal Flogging
05/01/00Austria's Haider Formally Steps Down
05/04/00Massachusetts State Health Insurance Ordered to Cover Costs of Transsexual Woman
05/04/00French Army Says 'Rambos No,' 'Gays Yes'
05/10/00Belgium Same Sex Couples Law:  A status nobody wants.
05/11/00Rainbow BC to Interior's Mayors:  'Them's fighting words'
05/12/00Canada's Equality Bill Moves Through Senate
05/12/00UK Repeal of Section 28 Not Looking Good
05/12/00Ukrainian G & L Organization Sues State for Denial of Non-Profit Status
05/15/00Toronto Lawyer Battles City Hall To Marry
05/15/00Glasgow Gay Groups' City Funding Frozen by Section 28 Court Action
05/16/00Last Out, First Back
05/16/00University Housing Discrimination Case to Go to NY's Highest Court
05/17/00Canadian Government's Mega Database Doesn't Reveal Sexual Orientation - Yet
05/17/00Hate, Love & Legalese:  Senate Committee hearings on Canada's equality bill
05/18/00Canada's Gay Lobby Set to Sue for Marriage Rights
05/19/00Canadian Same Sex Marriage:  The battle begins.
05/23/00Student Brother of Gay Man to Sue School for Harassment
05/24/00New England States Move to Protect G & L Students
05/24/00Singapore Forum Outlawed
05/25/00World Pride 2000 Shakes Italy
05/26/00Ontario 'Separate but Equal' Category Stands:  Supreme Court
05/30/00Former Zimbabwe President Jailed for Sodomy
05/30/00Israel Says Lesbian Partner Can be Parent
05/30/00BC Government Supports Same Sex Marriage
05/30/00Canadian Government Mega Database to be Dismantled
05/30/00Rome Pulls Support for World Pride
05/31/00Protests at Italian Embassies Worldwide Called for Thursday
06/02/00Multi-City Protests Staged Against Italian Government
06/05/00US President Clinton Proclaims Pride Month
06/06/00Reject HIV-Positive Immigrants:  Canadian Public
06/06/00International Lesbian and Gay Law Association Announces First Meeting
06/07/00Proposed New Canadian Immigration Act Passes Second Reading
06/07/00New York State Senate Passes Hate Crimes Bill
06/08/00Two Texas Men Arrested While in Bed Get Conviction Overturned
06/08/00Senate Committee Forwards Canada's Equality Bill with Marriage Clause Intact
06/12/00Forty Dead While BC Government Denies Health Benefits
06/13/00Equality Moves Forward for BC Residents
06/13/00Pride Committee Takes On Saskatchewan Government
06/12/00Lesbian Caucus Addresses Open Letter to the UN Beijing +5 Special Session
06/13/00Three Domestic Partnership Bills Before Spanish Parliament
06/13/00Adoption of Stepchildren in Gay and Lesbian Families in Iceland
06/13/00Europe Lobbies Parliamentary Assembly on Lesbian and Gay Issues
06/14/00Saskatchewan to Review Proclamation Guidelines
06/15/00Sask Pride Proclamation Becomes Political Powder Keg
06/15/00New Canadian Equality One Step Away
06/20/00Insurance Company Rebuffed for Denying Benefits to PWAs
06/21/00'One Step Closer to a Safer America'
06/21/00California Lesbian Teacher Vindicated
06/21/00Saskatoon Pride Files Human Rights Complaint
06/21/00German Registered Partnership Bill Makes Progress
06/21/00Belgium to Open Up Marriage
06/21/00Tasmania Told 120 Laws Discriminatory
06/23/00Put 'Gender Identity' in Canadian HR Act:  Review Panel
06/25/00Gays Say Day Sexy
06/29/00US Scouts Can Boot Gay Leaders
06/30/00Congratulations Canada:  You're 'Common Law!'
07/07/00Ottawa Says 'Thanks' to Diane Holmes
07/07/00Day Will Win Race and Alliance Will Split At the Seams
07/12/00Canada Pledges $1M to Help AIDS Orphans
07/15/00BC Couple Impatient to Get Married
07/15/00Canadians Join Call for Global AIDS Strategy
07/18/00Quebec Couple Ecstatic Over Dual Mom Recognition
07/21/00BC Government Petitions Court to Allow Same Sex Marriage
07/25/00Canadians Get in Gear for Advocacy
09/01/00Denver Clogger Gets Locked Out
09/01/00Sex versus Relationships:  The Surrey book banning case