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US Gay Big Business Player to Pierce Mainstream Media with National Ads
$6M campaign first to put 'Gay' prominently in titles

Ad Says:  "'You're Gay!!!... Well, I'm feeling quite happy myself.'
- Log on for a more welcoming financial world."
Upcoming Ad from Gay Financial  Network
THE New York based Gay Financial Network announced today the launch of a massive advertising campaign which will include the first gay specific ad in The Wall Street Journal, among others.

The $6 million project, which represents the first US national media campaign for a gay company, sets to inform the gay community that the financial world, which has traditionally underserved them, is finally becoming more welcoming with, the Gay Financial Network, leading the way.

After debuting in The Wall Street Journal and Entertainment Weekly, the project will roll out a national campaign to both Community and mainstream publications, including OUT, The Advocate, Time, Newsweek, Business Week, Fortune and others.  Gay and lesbian weekly newspapers will be included and $1 million of the budget has been allocated to online ads.

"The most important thing we wanted to get across with this campaign is that we are a financial site targeting gay men and women, and not a gay site with financial content ... we also wanted to accentuate our broad and welcoming appeal, as our extensive news coverage is of the highest journalistic quality and our financial services are both competitively priced and with name-brand, top-tier partners ... this is a campaign of inclusion, and one that will touch, educate and also entertain members of the gay and lesbian, as well as the non-gay communities across the country," stated Walter B. Schubert, Jr., Founder, Chair, and CEO of, the Gay Financial Network.

Employees of the advertising agency awarded the contract posed as gay couples at two banks in the New York area in application for a mortgage.
Mr. Schubert a is third generation member and first openly gay member of the New York Stock Exchange.  The Gay Financial Network was launched in 1998.  Its site, which received a pleasing face lift this week,  provides daily and weekly comprehensive business and financial news and information, as well as a variety of specially tailored financial and investment services.

The campaign will use humour and wit to portray the uncomfortable way in which mainstream financial services companies continue to deal with gays and lesbians.  In order to better understand these ways, employees of the advertising agency awarded the contract posed as gay couples at two banks in the New York area in application for a mortgage.  Bank employees were observed to still be uncomfortable with gay couples.

Following this portrayal, the campaign will show how through its online site the Gay Financial Network has made access to top-notch financial news, information, and services welcoming and accessible to everyone.

The financial services provided by include ones from a virtual bank.